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Professional Songwriter

Music for Your Life

Music for Your Life


Your Wedding Vows Set to Music

Imagine your expressions of love in a keepsake that will last forever through lyrics and song.


Original Soundtracks

Background music for your production; whether film, video or video game!


Advertisement Jingles

Original jingle for your small business at a reasonable price.

Sample Love Songs


Client Templates

Engagment . Wedding . Anniversary

Custom Songs Starting as Low as $1000

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About Jordan

Accomplished Composer


Over the past 20 years, Jordan has written hundreds of original songs. He specializes in love songs and ballads. His  gentle touch on the keyboard will melt your heart.

Experienced Producer


Jordan has worked with countless artists in mixing, mastering and recording their music. He offers excellence in exchange for your business.

Husband and Father


Jordan and Stefane make an amazing team. Together, they bring to you their best efforts as they work with you to prepare for your special event.

Client Spotlight


Ten year old Warenshea is from Sparks, Nevada. She is working on her first album, and I have the privilege of writing all of her songs. She is a hard worker! She works with a voice coach, and is working on her first music video.

Here is Warenshea recording her first song written by Jordan.


Frequently Asked Questions


What can I do with my purchase?

Share your song with family and friends! Make copies.  Publish on social media!  You will have unlimited used of the song, as long as it is not for profit. The copyright remains with Jackman Music Productions. Soundtracks, albums & ad jingles will be negotiated.

What happens if I don't like the melody?

During the initial process, Jordan will give you a few melodies to choose from. He will work with you to find the perfect melody for your production.

How long does the process take?

We need at least two to three weeks to compose the music, write the lyrics and record the song. Some songs will be piano and vocals; others will have string instruments, background choruses, etc.

How will my song be delivered?

You will get an electronic copy of your song via email in both WAV and MP3 format. You can save it to your computer and open it whenever you want to listen. You can share the file with others.

Can I sing my song to my spouse?

Yes! We can send you the "Karaoke" version of your song, along with the written lyrics. 

What if I want a female artist?

We can do that! You will love what you hear.


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